" I attended an eight-year-old neighbour's birthday party, aware that Vicki and her reptiles would be there. As I knew nothing about these creatures, the curiosity factor drew me in. It was so informative. Vicki explained in detail the facts regarding each reptilian friend, and was more than willing to answer questions asked by any adult or child. She was very approachable and didn't rush through the demonstrations, even letting the children take turns in having the snake wrapped around their waists. Her relationship with Johnie the croc is nothing short of amazing. To see a croc lying on the lounge room floor, then across people's laps on the couch, is a sight to behold. I, and I'm sure the rest of the guests, left the party much the wiser in regard to the life of the reptiles, thanks to Vicki. I highly recommend her to anyone considering a demonstration."


Jodie Anne Mayhew My boys had a crocs and critters birthday.must say it was awesome the kids loved it.all animals in good health well cared for and very professional.great value for any lil boy or girls party

.my kids want u to come back lol they enjoyed it that much so did our autistic children which was fantastic to c

Thank you Vicki for an awesome few hours. Very informative. Your baby's are just glorious. We had a great time. The girls are still talking about it.
<3 A great party <3 Thank you xxxx

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