We have programmes to cater for the youngest children in Pre-Schools and Kindergartens, as well as programmes catering for Primary School Students and Secondary School Students

Vicki's love of reptiles, combined with many years of accumulated knowledge & experience handling reptiles, is reflected in her passion to share her knowledge & educate others, through her reptile demonstrations.

Crocs. N? Critters offer students an exciting learning experience in our fun filled, hands on & interactive one hour length reptile show, held in a safe and controlled setting. We also encourage students to ask lots of questions.

Students will be introduced to Johnie the Croc. up close and personal. Johnie is a 1.5 meter Freshwater Crocodile (Crocodylus johnstoni) and is "one of a kind", as she is the world's only known domesticated pet Freshwater Crocodile! Students will learn about the unique and wonderful characteristics of these prehistoric walking dinosaurs.

Students will also be introduced to our friendly pet Carpet Pythons, Turtles & Lizards, and given an opportunity to touch and handle these reptiles, and learn of their weird and wonderful characteristics. Students will also learn of the importance of conserving our Australian reptiles in the wild.

Although Crocs. N? Critters do not own or handle any venomous snakes, we do however, discuss some of the safety precautions and measures taken if one encounters a venomous snake in the wild, as well as emergency first aid treatment if bitten by a venomous snake, which can save a life.

Our aim is to promote the conservation and ecology of Australian Reptiles (as well as all Australian wildlife) through our demonstrations, where students will have the opportunity to learn fact from fiction & better their understanding of our cold blooded, scaly friends.


$300 per 1 hour session (limited to 50 students max. per session) or $500 for two x 1 hour sessions!

Contact Vicki the Croclady for Bookings: Phone - 0421 802 000

NOTE: Crocs. N? Critters hold current National & Victorian Police Checks and Working with Children Check, plus Full Public Liability Insurance.

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