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SUNRISE - 24.02.2017

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Suburban Melbourne, Australia March 2011. Locally known as The Croc Lady, Vicki keeps pet crocodiles at home, in her bath tub, sitting room and back garden. She talks of the joy and hard work of keeping the pets, and her aspirations for teaching children about Australian Reptiles.... Visit Vicki at:

Happy and snappy family pet on MSN Video

13 Oct 2009
October 14, 2009: Melbourne woman Vicki Lowing and her son Andrew count crocodile 'Johnie' as a member of their family.

Pet's Bite Worse Than Its Bark

3 min - 18 Aug 2010
Ian Woods reports from Melbourne on the woman who keeps crocodiles as pets. ... -Sky As Crocodiles Keeps Lowing Melbourne ...

Fatal Attractions: My Pet Crocodile : Video : Animal Planet

3 min - 10 Mar 2011
Is a pet crocodile a good idea? Vicky Lowing thinks so. She shares her suburban home with three pet crocodiles, one of whom she ...

Girl Wrestles Alligators, Nurse Lives With Crocs

4 Mar 2011
who lives with crocodiles. ... 20/20 Jay Young Johnie Samantha Young Vicki Lowing abc news online alligator ...

It's croc around the clock for crocodile owner Vicky Lowing ...

14 Oct 2009 ... WHEN Johnie the croc wants walkies, her owner makes it snappy. - Similar

Rockbank family's pet crocodile - Photos - Leader News
16 Oct 2009 ... Rockbank's Vicki Lowing keeps freshwater crocodiles and snakes as pets. Full story. Picture: Kris Reichll. - Cached - Similar

Croc woman's snappy pets | The Sun |News

9 Sep 2010 ... Vicki Lowing. Splash. Domesticated killer ... Vicki with one of her pets. Slideshows. Domesticated killer ... Vicki with one of her pets ... - Similar

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