Firstly, I'd like to say "Welcome" to my site and Thank you for visiting, and secondly, I'd like to tell you a little about myself. So, here goes....
I was born in Deniliquin, NSW and raised by my parents on a large property 100 kms north-west of Deni.
I was very fortunate to have wonderful parents who taught me to appreciate all nature and the beautiful environment that surrounded us. Consequently, my love for all wildlife stemmed from a very early age, including a particular interest and love for the reptile family. I felt sorry for the reptiles, especially snakes, who I continually witnessed being victimized and unnecessarily killed, as I was growing up.

I have had reptiles as pets for over four decades, and in that time, I've learned much about them, mainly from experience, having them as pets.

As for my interest in Crocodiles, this also started from a very early age when I was six years old, however, it wasn't until another sixteen years later, in 1979, when I finally acquired my first pet crocodile. I named him "Rocky" and he was a young Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) who I loved and cherished dearly. At the time, very little was actually known about crocodiles in general, and there wasn't any literature available re-the care of captive crocodiles as pets. Consequently, through continual observation of him, combined with common sense, it was "Rocky" himself who basically taught me a lot of what I initially learned about crocodiles. Sadly, I lost "Rocky" seven years later, when I entrusted him into the care of others for a short period only, whilst away from home & working interstate.

And then eleven years later, along came little "Johnie", a Freshwater Crocodile (Crocodylus johnstoni), only a few weeks old, and a very snappy, aggressive/defensive little creature, she was!
"Johnie" is 15 years old now, and in that time she has integrated with my other household pets, my son and myself as one of the family.
"Johnie" & I have also formed a very close bond over the years, through a mutual love and respect of one another.

Overall, I have gained twenty years of knowledge on crocodiles through a close and continual observation of my pets, as well as studying and researching literature on crocodiles, now readily available.
"Johnie" and I also gained a lot of media attention twelve months ago (and again recently, with overseas media) when the media discovered I had a domesticated pet crocodile, who I also occasionally take for a walk on a leash! So "Johnie" has become quite famous, especially in Europe, as the world's only known domesticated pet crocodile!!
People may think this cruel, however, I think it's cruel to have an animal (especially a crocodile who's intelligence surpasses most other animals) kept in an enclosure as just an exhibit.
"Johnie", being captive bred and who, I might add, has domesticated herself, would never adapt to the wild, so I've tried to give her, what I believe is the next best thing, freedom to roam around my home and backyard. And she has always had her own room providing her with the necessary environmental requirements for that of a crocodile.

I have also nurtured sick, injured and orphaned wildlife throughout my life, as well as being a volunteer wildlife carer for W.I.R.E.S (Wildlife Information & Rescue Service) in NSW for over ten years, and in which time I also completed WIRES Advanced Reptile Foster Caring Course and WIRES Reptile Handling Course (i.e the catching/rescuing and relocating of venomous snakes), including First Aid treatment of snake bite.

I have performed many informal and voluntary private and public demonstrations with my reptiles, over the past thirty years, in a continued effort to educate the public re-the conservation and ecology of our Australian wildlife.

I have recently started my own business "Crocs. N' Critters" as a mobile Wildlife Demonstrator (namely Reptiles), through which I can continue my passion of performing demonstrations with my beloved pet reptiles and share my vast knowledge and experience with you, in an exciting, educational, interactive and hands on demonstration or show.

So Book Crocs. N' Critters NOW!! for an unforgettable experience, Up Close & Personal with Johnie the Croc & her Reptilian Friends!!

Phone Vicki the Croclady - 0421 802 000

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